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Mongoose vehicle security systems are true kiwi product. They are designed and developed by Mongoose here in New Zealand to ensure they meet their local, and Australian, conditions. The systems have been independantly tested and certified by Australian government testing laboratories to ensure they pass the demands of the joint Australian and New Zealand Standards. 

The level of security offered by Mongoose security products is easily identified by their Star rating (and AS/NZ Standards numbers).

3 Star systems (AS/NZS4601) - Engine immobilisers.

4 Star systems (AS/NZS3749 Class B) - Engine immobilisers and basic alarm

5 Star systems (AS/NZS3749 Class A) - Engine immobilisers and hi-specification alarm

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Central Locking Motor

G4 Matic Car Alarm

Image 01
1 Year Warranty - Basic Car Alarm with most features - Free Installation.


  • Remote Arm / Disarm and Panic
  • Built-in Shock Sensor (Adjustable)
  • Red Warning LED indicator
  • Remote Silent Arm / Disarm
  • Remote Boot Release (Optional)
  • Beep Sound (Remote Selectable)
  • Auto Relocking/ Auto Rearming(Remote
  • Selectable)
  • Foot brake lock (Remote Selectable)
  • Valet Mode(Remote Selectable)
  • Door not close warning(Remote Selectable)
  • Door Open Detection

Price: $189

Including Call out & Free Installation


Steelmate Car Alarm

Image 01
2 Years Warranty - Great Affordable Car Alarm with most security features - Free Installation.


  • Engine immobilizer
  • Door Central locking System
  • shock sensor (adjustable)
  • Remote arming/disarming
  • Indicator for arming/disarming
  • Code learning
  • Blue/red flashing L.E.D light
  • Auto re-arming
  • Anti-burglary and anti-hijacking
  • Warning for unlocked door
  • Long lifetime Remote
  • Remote Boot Unlock *Optional

Price: $249.00

Including Call out & Free Installation


Mongoose M80G

Image 02
3 Years Warranty - The Mongoose M80G Car Alarm provides High Security for your car by Including a microphone glass break sensor.


  • Triple Eengine Immobilisation 
  • Protects Bonnet, Boot and All Doors 
  • Battery back-up siren with soft chirp 
  • Microphone glass break sensor 
  • 2 water resistant remote controls
  • Silent arm/disarm by remote 
  • Sensor disable by remote 
  • Car finder by remote 
  • Turbo timer interface software
  • Built-in central locking relays
  • Boot release (optional) (Extra cost) 
  • Dual zone microwave sensor - optional

Price: $630.00

Including Call out & Free Installation